Poster of Jared Meyers at Legacy Vacation Resorts
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Jared Meyers is a values-driven professional utilizing his time, resources, and abilities to improve social, environmental, and economic outcomes through Certified B Corporations and Conscious Capitalism.

Meyers is a co-founder and/or investor in six successful B Corps/Benefit Corporations including Legacy Vacation Resorts, Climate First Bank, and Salt Palm Development. Meyers also co-created the For Good Movement, a nonprofit that oversees Florida for Good and B Tourism.

Through these companies, Meyers seeks social and environmental justice to create a measurable positive impact through policies, programs, and investments into people and the communities where they operate. 

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Certified B Corp

The current economic system prioritizes short-term gains over long-term value; me over we; now over the future; inequity over justice; profits over people and the planet.  Have you considered that your money, your time, and your talent may be working against your interests and values?  Every day we support a system that was created by humans, so it can also be changed by humans, and additionally changed by Certified B Corps. 

What is a Certified B Corp?  This 3-minute video explains it well.

Entrance to the Vacation Resorts at Legacy Vacation Resorts

Legacy Vacation Resorts

Legacy Vacation Resorts provides vacation experiences for families and friends to create unique moments and lasting memories in a manner that respects the environment, team members, and community. The company boasts eight locations across Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, and Nevada, delivering a variety of options for travelers of all ages. With a core passion for sustainability and using the power of business as a force for good, this Certified B Corporation offers carbon footprint offsetting, waste reduction initiatives, sustainable lifestyle awareness campaigns, and green-focused renovation projects.

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Poster of For Good Movement at Legacy Vacation Resorts

For Good Movement

Florida’s only 501c3 organization to provide free resources for companies to build resilience and future-proof their operations against shifting demographics and societal/environmental expectations. It does this by accessing the best in class practices from the global Certified B Corporation community, as well as other values-aligned business networks, and bringing them into the state of Florida (via Florida for Good initiative) and the global travel & tourism industry (via B Tourism). This allows businesses to proactively and strategically make changes, which ultimately will be required for future business success. It also results in businesses that are inclusive, regenerative, and equitable, and that create shared prosperity among their local communities, workers, environment, suppliers, customers, and shareholders. And they do all of this while meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Florida For Good
The connector between B Corps, Conscious Capitalism, 1% for the Planet, like-minded organizations, government, academia, and civil society, to promote business responsibility to all companies that have operations or customers in the state of Florida. We provide free online resources, assistance with measuring stakeholder impact (through the B Corp Impact Assessment and UN SDG Action Manager), collective action opportunities, engagement with national and worldwide business networks, and access to Florida’s largest purpose-driven community. These efforts are designed to encourage and lead Florida businesses towards an inclusive, regenerative, and equitable economic system for all people and the planet. We embrace transparency, accountability, and systems change in our pursuit of shared and durable prosperity for all.

B Tourism
B Tourism is a global network of Certified B Corporations in tourism as well as other conscious travel organizations that take collective action for environmental and social justice. Inspired by the operational transparency and overall credibility of the B Corp Certification, the platform hopes to serve as a resource for the regenerative travel movement and to help travelers enjoy a vacation experience that embodies interdependence and interconnectedness.

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Poster of Salt Palm Development at Legacy Vacation Resorts

Salt Palm Development

Florida's first and only real estate developer to become a Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp. We are dedicated to creating high-end residential, sustainable, & social, and environmentally responsible developments for the Tampa Bay region which enhance quality-of-life for both residents and neighbors. We build these developments in order to build Tampa Bay's Business for Good Movement through Tampa Bay for Good, Florida for Good, and the For Good Movement, where we commit at least 50% of our profits.

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Poster of Climate First Bank at Legacy Vacation Resorts

Climate First Bank

At Climate First Bank our vision is to reimagine finance as a force for good and become the most impactful bank contributing to the drawdown of atmospheric CO2. Backed by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, Climate First Bank is a full-service community bank offering personal and commercial banking services with a focus on environmental sustainability. We do our part to preserve America’s irreplaceable ecosystem by providing residents and businesses with convenient, specialized green loan options for everything ranging from rooftop solar to renewable energy to building retrofits, EV charging, or even purchasing certified carbon offsets.

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