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Sustainable Travel

Travel as a Force for Good


Every time you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want

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A lady on a bicycle with water bottle, Legacy Vacation Resorts

Travel as a Force For Good

Legacy Vacation Resorts provides vacation experiences for families and friends to create unique moments and lasting memories in a manner that respects our environment, employees, and community. While using our business as a force for good, we will be a collaborative steward of the hospitality industry, using compassion, interdependence, and positive impact to drive sustainable economic development.

Every vacation advances positive societal and environmental impact. We were the first multi-state resort hospitality company in the U.S to achieve B Corp Certification and amended our governing documents to legally commit to positive impact. We strive to be transparent and publicly share stakeholder performance and key performance metrics.

Current B Corp Score: 126

  • Governance: 19.2 points
  • Workers: 26.8 points
  • Community: 43.1 points
  • Environment: 33.8 points
  • Customers: 2.9 points

2022 Annual Benefit Report

2021 Annual Benefit Report

2020 Annual Benefit Report

LVR Climate Action Plan

Close-up of solar panels on the roof at Legacy Vacation Resorts


We are committed to building a more sustainable economy by partnering with local and national environmental organizations to highlight important initiatives. As a positive impact-driven business we have a responsibility to offset the consequences of our actions and to be regenerative where possible.

We've done some cool things:

  • Implemented electric vehicle charging stations at each resort
  • Achieved 100% renewable electricity at Brigantine (through Renewable Energy Certificates) and 78% renewable electricity at our Indian Shores location (through onsite solar), making 19.4% of our total energy usage renewable
  • Reached carbon neutrality by offsetting 100% of guest stays and activities
  • Committed to achieving zero single-use plastics

But we are doing cooler things in the future:

  • Expand sustainable keycards with carbon labeling to all resorts
  • Achieve a 25% reduction in total water footprint
  • Create and execute a 100% renewable energy plan
    • Install onsite renewable energy at all eligible resorts
  • Achieve a 10% reduction in total electricity usage
  • Reduce our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions 50% by 2030
People collecting litter at Legacy Vacation Resorts


Our commitment to a higher social purpose inspires growth and positive change in our communities. We educate our guests on how they can live a healthier and happier life by prioritizing their spending within the B Corp and other values-aligned communities.

We've done some cool things:

  • Contributed 1% of hotel revenue to environmental charities as a part of our 1% for the Planet membership
  • Achieved 1,185 company-wide volunteer hours in 2021, a 2,000%+ increase from our 2018 volunteer hours
  • Offer all team members 8 hours of paid time off through our Day of Hope opportunity
  • Created an Environmental Purchasing and Disposal Policy that gives preference to Black-owned, locally-owned, B Corp certified, women-owned, and/or person with disability-owned vendors
  • We are committed to purchasing at least 50% of our non-labor expenses from independent and local suppliers
  • Fostered numerous positive impact partnerships and are actively seeking to support organizations that are working to end systematic racism and other social injustices in our communities

But we are doing cooler things in the future:

  • Build an internal civic education program to create informed and engaged employees
  • Expand guest health, wellness, and voluntourism programs and offerings
  • Improve our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiatives and metrics tracking
A family enjoying in the kitchen at Legacy Vacation Resorts

Social Impact

We strive to use our success to inspire the travel and hospitality industry to fully embrace inclusive and regenerative practices towards shared and durable prosperity.

We've done some cool things:

  • Committed to 100% of our eligible employees to receive a living wage, health, dental, and life insurance
  • Created an employee Loan Program that provides immediate access to cash, with no credit score, and educates on financial literacy
  • Developed tuition reimbursement and scholarship awards
  • Focused on growing our inclusion and diversity (62% female Corporate team, Ethnically diverse, 63%)
  • Implement formal performance reviews based on positive impact efforts
  • Offer 1 paid professional development day for all employees

But we are doing cooler things in the future:

  • Gain broader voluntary self-ID representation data and report on diversity and inclusion metrics
  • Achieve 75% company-wide diversity (non-white team members) by 2025
  • Earn 100 points on our next B Corp Recertification

A Few of Our Sustainability Partners & Organizations

  • Logo of Florida For Good at Legacy Vacation Resorts
  • Logo of For The Planet at Legacy Vacation Resorts
  • Logo of Certified B Corporation at Legacy Vacation Resorts
  • Logo of Conscious Capitalism at Legacy Vacation Resorts

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