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Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint 

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Whether it's reading this webpage, drinking a cold glass of water, or making your next meal, chances are those things have a carbon footprint attached to them. We use fossil fuels to power our everyday activities. When we use these fossil fuels, we emit carbon into the atmosphere, therefore... creating a footprint.


Legacy Vacation Club has agreed on a standard to calculate the carbon footprint of our rental stays. To calculate Legacy Vacation Clubs’ footprint, we measure all indoor energy use throughout our resorts. This energy use takes into account the type of energy used, our occupancy, our various spaces, and the different activities performed indoors. We then update this information using Energy Star Portfolio Manager on a monthly basis to track our emissions.

Legacy Vacation Club has agreed to calculate this footprint and take responsibility by counteracting the footprint’s impact, also known as “offsetting”.  Sure you have heard that buzzword but what it means to Legacy Vacation Club is that we are donating to organizations that help combat climate change to counteract our impact on the environment. We know it’s not a perfect world and we can’t completely erase our impact but by offsetting we realize we can definitely decrease our negative impact.   


Check out some of our initiatives below on how we are reducing our carbon footprint


Current Annual Carbon Emissions


We produce 6,780 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide every year from the energy we consume.

2025 goal: Moving forward, we have adopted a reduction target to cut down our emissions by 25%.   

Transparency: Carbon emissions are one of the leading causes of climate change. At Legacy Vacation Club we know that taking care of our people and planet is our number one priority. So we have taken the steps to show the world this is where we stand - 6,780 metric tons of Carbon dioxide later. We may not be the best in the world, but we are trying our best to be better for the world. We are adopting environmentally friendly initiatives and energy conservation ideas to reduce our footprint and reach our goal by 2025.    


Reducing Fossil Fuels

In efforts to reduce fossil fuels, all eight Legacy Vacation Club Resorts have installed Tesla Connectors (16 kW) and Universal Connectors (9 kW) that are conveniently located throughout each property for your complimentary use.

Living Wage Initiative

Sustainability VBlog's

In an effort to learn more about our role in the environment we have partnered with Florida For Good, B Local Florida, Conscious Capitalism Florida, and 1% for the Planet through our affiliate, Salt Palm.

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